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Item:  Top Quality Swallow's Nest Brand - White Nest AAAAAA Grade / 極品 - 印尼白燕 AAAAAA 等

Weight: 4 ounces or 8 ounces (113g, 225g) 

Origin: Indonesia / 印尼

Additional Information
The bird nests are collected by hand. 鸟房子是干净的. 燕窝是由手工收集
This guarantees: 这种的燕窝保证
· Top grade 优质
· No chemicals or preservatives 任何化学物质
· No bleaching 无漂白
Consuming birds' nest is a centuries old Chinese tradition to alleviate asthma and boost concentration, sexual performance, digestion and the immune system. It is considered to be one of the world's finest delicacies.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), bird's nest is considered as having a neutral (neither hot nor cold) energetic property with special influence on the lungs, kidneys and stomach. It is traditionally known that bird's nest with whiter appearance is superior for the lungs, having the ability to reduce phlegm, while those orange-reddish ones are excellent for skin problems.

Bird's nest is a superior health food in many ways. The proteins found in bird's nest, being easily digestible, can be used for convalescing (recovering from serious illness) patients. It is also widely consumed during pre and post-natal periods. For beauty care, it has been used to reduce or eliminate liver spots in the elderly, improve complexion and manage skin irritations in babies and adults.

Basic Preparation 基本準備方法 
Bird's nest need to be soaked for 3-4 hours prior to cooking. The raw nest will weigh 5-6 times more after soaking. Cut and shred any knots to smaller pieces if you'd like. It is recommended to cook them within a week after soaking. Cooking in low heat for 30 minutes is preferable for white bird's nest, up to 1 hour or longer for yellow and red bird's nest. Do not cook in HIGH heat for more than 30 minutes, this will destroy the nutrients. 

烹調前燕窩需要浸泡3-4小時.浸泡後的燕窩重量會增加5-6倍以上.以個人喜好,剪切任 何較小的節塊.建議浸泡後請在一個星期內烹調.白色的燕窩在30分鐘的慢火烹調是最好 的,慢火烹調黃色和紅色的燕窩至1小時或更長.不要在高溫煮超過30分鐘,因為這會破壞 營養價值。

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