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Item Name:  Dried Jujube Red Dates / 新疆若田紅棗
Description: Naturally sundried red dates with seeds / 有 核
Weight: 2 pound to 5 pound bulk options / 2磅裝至 5磅裝
Origin: Xinjiang, China – 中國, 新疆

Health Benefits and Recipes for Red Jujube

Known for tonifying the qi and nourishing the blood, the jujube also moderates harsh qualities of other herbs.
In terms of culinary use, jujube fruit are eaten as dried candies or fresh, and is also occasionally made into juice. Regardless of how you eat jujubes, the powerful antioxidants and organic compounds found in this impressive fruit will grant you a wide range of health benefits.

Health Benefits of Jujube
Sleep Aid: For people suffering from insomnia or restlessness, consuming the seeds of the extract of the jujube fruit can be a good remedy. The soothing nature of the organic compounds contained in this beneficial fruit can calm the body and mind, so if you find yourself unable to sleep at night, then perhaps a small jujube decoction is exactly what you need.
Circulation Issues: The jujube fruit is a rich source of both iron and phosphorous, key ingredients in red blood cells. If you suffer from low iron content in your blood or anemia, you may experience symptoms like muscle weakness, fatigue, indigestion, lightheadedness, and cognitive confusion. By increasing your iron and phosphorous content with jujube fruit, you can increase blood flow, thereby oxygenating your organ systems and extremities more effectively, giving you an energy boost!

Bone Strength: One of the best ways to strengthen your bones is to make sure that your mineral intake is optimal. By increasing minerals like calcium, phosphorous, and iron (all of which are prevalent in jujubes), you can ensure that your bones will remain hardy and strong for years to come. As we age, we tend to suffer from osteoporosis and other bone degradation conditions, so adding jujube fruit to your diet can slow or reverse this trend.
Weight Control: Eating fruits and vegetables is a common suggestion for people attempting to lose weight, and jujube is another that can easily be added to that list. With a low calorie count and a high protein and fiber level, jujube can satisfy your nutritional needs and fill you up, which will prevent you from snacking in between meals. This will help you maintain your diet or prevent any additional weight gain.

Immune System: Jujube is able to benefit the immune system in many different ways, namely due to its high antioxidant content, including vitamin C, vitamin A, and various organic compounds and acids. Antioxidants are able to neutralize free radicals, the dangerous byproducts of cellular respiration, which are responsible for many chronic diseases and illness within the body. Vitamin C also stimulates the production of white blood cells, the first line of defense of our immune system.

Stress and Anxiety: Jujube has been proven to have certain anxiolytic and soothing effects on the body. By using the jujube oil extract or consuming the fruits themselves can have an impact on your hormonal levels and induce a calm, relaxed sensation throughout your body and mind. For people who regularly suffer from chronic stress or anxiety, snacking on some dried jujubes or seeking a jujube supplement can help ease the mind and protect the body from the serious side effects of extended exposure to stress hormones.

Cancer Treatment: Although the exact mechanisms and specific relationships between jujubes and cancer are still being researched, early results point to a positive correlation between the bioactive compounds in jujube and a reduction in free radical activity and the spread of cancerous cells. The antioxidants in jujubes make this a very effective preventative method for cancer as well as other chronic conditions, including heart disease.

Skin Health: One of the other effects of antioxidants is on the skin. Jujube juice and extract have been used topically to treat various irritations and inflammations on the skin, including and psoriasis, eczema, acne. Furthermore, you can consume the jujube fruit to get many of the same effects. It can also help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and scars, as well as keeping the skin tight and energized with oxygenated blood.

Digestion: Jujube fruits are also linked to improving digestive processes within the body. This is mainly attributed to its fiber content, but the saponins and triterpenoids also play a part in this by optimizing the uptake of nutrients and promote healthy movement of food through the bowels. This can help prevent constipation, cramping, bloating, and excess flatulence, as well as more serious gastrointestinal conditions, like colorectal cancer.

Blood Detoxification: The saponins and alkaloids found in jujube fruit has been directly linked with purifying the blood and eliminating harmful toxins from the body’s systems. This antioxidant effect can help prevent a large number of disorders and diseases, and also ease the stress on the immune and lymphatic system.

A Final Word of Warning: Jujubes can be dangerous for those suffering diabetes, as it contains a number of complex carbohydrates and it can negatively affect blood sugar levels. Otherwise, jujubes show very few side effects, except in those with a natural allergy to the fruit. Before making a major change to your fruit or supplement intake, consult a medical professional to make sure it’s a good choice for you.

Easy Recipes with Red Jujube

Soak the dried red dates in warm water for 30 minutes before you wash & cook them.
Dried dates are also delicious & healthy when eaten uncooked. Like other dried fruits, just wash them & enjoy. Pre-soaking is not necessary.

Dried red dates tea

Put ½ cup of pitted & roughly chopped dried red dates into 2 cups of water. You can also add some dried longan and goji berries.  Cook with medium heat until 1 cup of tea left or just steep in a teapot with hot water. Serve hot or cold.

Beef soup with dried dates   (excellent for winter or people with anemia)

Beef shank (cubed)     1 lb      (replace with pork or chicken; if preferred)
Dried red daates ( sliced, halved or whole)    soaked 1/2 cup
Ginger (optional)         3-4 thinly sliced pieces
Cold water 6 cups

Put all the ingredients into a medium size pot. Cook on high until boiled. Then turn the temperature to medium low. Cook for 1 &a half hours until only 2 or 3 cups of soup left. (serves 2 - 3 persons)

Steamed chicken with dried red dates

Chicken breast or lean pork tenderloin (sliced)          1/2 lb
Chinese dried mushroom (presoaked & sliced)          1/3 cup
Dried red dates (sliced or halved) soaked      1/4 cup
Ginger 3 sliced pieces
Chinese oyster sauce   1 tsp
Cooking wine  1/2 tsp
Sugar   1/4
Cornstarch       1/2 tsp

Marinate the meat with oyster sauce, wine, sugar & cornstarch for 5 minutes. Then mix the mushroom, ginger & the red dates in with the meat. Put everything into a shallow dish & steam for 15 minutes or until cooked. (serves 2-3 people)

Dried red dates dessert with lotus seed

Dried red dates (pitted & halved)      1/2 cup
Lotus seed (presoaked for half hour)  1/4 cup
White mushroom (yin er) (optional) 2 pieces
Water  6 cups
Sugar   1/3 cup or to taste

Soak the white mushroom for half an hour until soft. It will expand a few times its size. Trim & clean the bottom of the mushrooms. Separate them into a few small pieces. Put all the ingredients into a medium sized pot & bring to a boil on high heat. Then turn to medium heat & cook for 1 hour until the lotus seed is soft. Add the sugar into the soup. Serve cold or hot. It is especially delicious when serve chilled after refrigerated. This dessert is good without the white mushroom as well. Serves 3-4 people.

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